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Create your own International-Irish-Aussie family of friends



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“Fantastic. It's a great idea. Really brings folks together. it's always good craic.”


Fergal & Natasha

“A great way to meet other singles, couples and families. We will definitely be attending more meet ups.”


Lily O’Brien, partner & little puddin’

“Great idea, well organised & great craic.”


Alan Earls

“Fabulous, friendly & fun as always :-) ”


Briege Gormley

“Great medium to meet up with like-minded people and have a nice chat!”


Alan & Lorraine Smyth

“The best around!”


Edel Somers

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Why does the Irish Brekkie Club live on Meetup?

Aborunt faccus, simetur. Nos velest labore volorem sus et etur, in peliquatur siniene denimus, quis eture sit lam, int, volo berum enissimus est. Aborunt faccus, simetur.

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Similar groups in other towns:


Please note that, to date, these groups have been run 100% independently of the Irish Brekkie Club Sydney and have no official organisational connection. Activities and structure may differ.


Important update: Aug 2020

For the past 12 months, the Irish Brekkie Club on Meetup has been run by two new organisers. Events have largely focussed on pub-based/evening events for single (straight) members, promoted across multiple Meetup groups. While we fully support any positive efforts to build community on the awesome Meetup platform, we must let the 1,100+ Irish Brekkie Clubbers know that the nature of these events are sadly at odds with our core purpose – and the all-inclusive (couples, families and singles; straight and LGBTQ+), self-organising and non-commercial ethos – of the club since 2009. We're hoping for the matter to be resolved asap and return the club on Meetup to it's original goal of facilitating local catch-ups in Sydney for those who wish to celebrate – and stay connected to – Irish culture, along with their Aussie and from-wherever pals.

All good things start with tea

The idea for the Irish Brekkie Club began between two friends over eggs on toast at Poppy's café, Rozelle, one sunny Sydney morning in August '09. Dee and Sinéad had been classmates in primary school back in Dublin. They'd lost touch since then and fast forward a couple of years... randomly bumped into each other at Sounds on Sunday back in '05. 

Within fours years of that chance encounter, they'd jumped into Aussie citizenship with gusto and ticked off the usual Sydney shenanigans of the first few years. They now shopped for sunnies, travelled 'overseas' and embraced flip-flop as thong. 

Alas one thing had fallen by the wayside in their Aussie lives; a cultural connection with their original homeland, on the ground in Sydney. Aside from their own beloved Aussie and from-all-over pals, they craved the odd cuppa Barry's, Tayto sambos and Rubberbandits references in the company of those who also spoke 90 miles an hour. Along with higher culture of course. "It's time we took action", they resolved at Poppy's that morning. "Who doesn't like a banter over brekkie?" The Irish Brekkie Club had officially slurped its first cup of tea.

Cue a cuppla live radio interviews with Ryan Tubridy (listen to the interview below) and the Gerry Ryan show... and off it went. A steady stream of sunburnt freckly faces appeared out of the woodwork for the first brekkie and continued to grow from there. Dee popped two sprogs two years later, moved to the south coast and bid adieu to the group for the time being. Killarney girl Andrea joined as Sinéad's wingwoman right away and the pair continued together for almost three years, until Andrea's departure for London in early 2013 (where she launched her freelance writing career with a feature article for the Irish Times).

As of 2019, the brekkie club had grown to 1,200 members. 80+ gatherings have been self-scheduled by the members themselves on the Meetup club page (including a bunch by the original founders), linking people up in their local parks, cafés and the odd pub – from all walks of life and backgrounds; singles, couples and families. 

So if you fancy yourself as a bit of a world citizen and like the idea of blending your original Irish roots with your freshly-juiced Aussie identity, join up right now and get your fix of high-speed chats over a sausage sambo. Hope to see you soon :)

Play the Tubridy Show
live radio interview




Erm, I see the word Irish... why no mention of the pub?

It's Sydney! Get out there into the sunshine *kick out the door*.

Who organises the catch ups?

The members (brekkie clubbers).

What's the purpose of the club?

Firstly; to provide Irish folk – happily integrated into Sydney life – the opportunity to schedule and attend gatherings in their local area for a quick fix of brekkie, tea and banter. Secondly; to bring members' friends together – be they Aussie/expat/from-wherever – and celebrate the best of both cultures. Preferably at a sizzling barbie, under a nice shady tree.

So how does the club work exactly?

Gatherings are self-scheduled by individual members – brekkie clubbers – who live all over Sydney (NB: all gatherings are strictly non-profit). Whether you fancy a low-key café gathering on a Saturday morning or a last minute bbq brunch in your local park, jump in and give it a go. With 1,000+ members, you're bound to meet a few fellow Tayto-hoarders living in your neighbourhood. Go ahead, join up and schedule one yourself, or just click 'yes' to the next one that tickles your fancy. So easy even your Granny could do it. Aside from scheduling/attending gatherings, members also receive the odd newsy email and can email any other brekkie clubber directly from their profile page. Bit more info on the above under 'How does it work?'

Hang on, are we saying that all things Irish are better?

Crisps; yes. Weather; no. And when it comes to the rugby, it's head to toe in green all the way. We shout for Oz just as loud, so long as we're not head-to-head ;) Truth be told, there's loads to love about both Irish life (old friends and family usually top the list) and Aussie life. Living in Sydney offers us the fantastic opportunity to meet, work, laugh and learn with others from a multitude of backgrounds and cultures. The warmth of the people, the food, the music, more festivals than you can shake a stick at, nevermind the sunshine; there's always something happening to expand the mind and nourish the soul. In short; the Irish Brekkie Club is all about striking the best balance for those who happen to be fans of two cultures, at opposites ends of the planet. We love getting together, swapping stories and havin the craic - preferably out in the sunshine, over that quintessential Aussie institution – the Big Brekkie. Come join and celebrate the best o' both worlds.

What if I'm not into the whole 'Irish scene'?

Whether you live for Guinness, can't play Gaelic to save your life, or prefer just a dash of diddleedee in your life – this is the best place to meet a diverse bunch of others. Perhaps like you, they've been here a good while and have already established palships/relationships with other Aussies/from-wherever friends. Others may have just arrived fresh off the boat... or get a wee bit homesick from time to time. Loads of members have yet to set foot inside an Irish bar and by the same token, some love the odd pint at PJs. It's up to you to schedule and attend gatherings and make the most of the club. We're a friendly bunch. So long as you don't steal the last rasher.



What's the general demographic?

Age-wise, the majority would be early-late 30s, with a bunch of twenty and forty-somethings too. Otherwise, it's both lads and lassies / singles, couples and families / north and south / straight and gay... the list goes on.

I’m Swedish. Can I join?

For sure, you're more than welcome! The primary purpose of the club is to provide an opportunity for Sydney-integrated Irish – most of whom already enjoy strong friendships with other Aussies – to get their fix of Barry's and a quick chat with others in the same boat whenever they feel the need. While the majority of brekkie clubbers are Irish-born, the club is also open to anyone who identifies as Irish / has a third-cousin-twice-removed from some town beginning with Bally / is just generally interested in world culture. If you too like copious cups of tea, don't need subtitles to understand the accent and are familiar with 'craic', you're in.

When is the next gathering?

Join up to stay in the loop!

How much does it cost to join?

Nothing. The club is free to join. From time to time however, we do a wee bit of fundraising to cover ongoing expenses such as Web hosting fees and Meetup Dues. Through the years we've also donated to Oz Harvest, Australian Red Cross (Good Start Breakfast Club), Vinnies and the St Patrick's Festival Commitee.



How do I schedule a Meetup?

  1. Join up.
  2. Click ‘Schedule a New Meetup’ on the home page of our Meetup page*.
  3. Enter the details, click ‘Submit’, sit back and see who responds :)


* PS: Please bear in mind that gatherings are strictly non-profit. If business/networking is more your cup of tea, the Young Leaders network and Lansdowne Club do a fantastic job with events throughout the year. 

Good Stuff

Here's our curated list of products, services
and generally nice/handy things that may tickle
your fancy. See below.

We're big fans of the arts and culture, as well as beautiful/sustainable
stuff made locally in Ireland and Australia.

Sydney / Aus


Sydney Festival
Music, theatre, dance, visual arts 
and installations, talks, free & 
family events. It's big. This is 
our city in summer.

Mardi Gras
Floats, Kylie, Fun.

Vivid Sydney
Every year in May, Sydney is transformed
into a spectacular canvas of light, music
and ideas when Vivid takes over.

Sydney Writers Festival
Sydney Writers' Festival is Australia’s
largest annual literary celebration in May.

Festival of Dangerous Ideas
A sell-out annual event in November,
presented by the Sydney Opera House 
and St James Ethics Centre.


Dinosaur Designs
The answer to "where can I buy
a Sydney-ified wedding pressie
to bring back to Ireland"?

Deus Ex Machina
Delicious custom-motorbikes 
(for hefty budgets) and lovely 
tees & threads (for humble ones).

Surfy, arty Aussie brand with
a healthy gaggle of loyal fans.

Specialist book and gift store located 
in the heart of Newtown, Sydney.

Leather wallets, veggie-dyed jewellery,
nice threads. For both ladies and gents.
A bit like the Orla Kiely of Australlia.




Electric Picnic
Annual arts-and-music festival, staged
since 2004 at Stradbally Hall in County Laois.

Cat Laughs Comedy Festival
Kilkenny's mischievous but much-loved 
cat returns to the medieval city each year.

Dublin Dance Festival
Brings together dance artists and 
choreographers from across the world 
to share vibrant contemporary dance 
with audiences in Ireland.

Galway Oyster Festival
Food festival held annually in Galway 
on the west coast of Ireland on the
last weekend of September, the first
month of the oyster season.

Jameson Dublin Film Festival
Ireland's premier feature film festival 
taking place each year in February.


George's Street Arcade
Europe's and Ireland's oldest shopping 
centre, located in the heart of 
Dublin city centre.

An Irish family-run business that started 
as a handweaving mill in 1723 and still 
makes the best lambswool throws around.

Dublin design store, offering a wide range
of nice things to bring back to Sydney!

Makers & Brothers
A Curation of Everyday Design & Craft.
The Best of Irish & International.

Graphic Studio Gallery
Tasty prints to roll up and pop in
the suitcase :)


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